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7 Fun Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

After a beautiful ceremony where you say your vows with the sand between your toes, your reception is next. We love fun beach wedding receptions here at Sandy Toes Bride, that's why we make sure that couples have access to the best advice and vendors for their beach weddings. Even if you don't have your ceremony on the sand itself, you can still have a wedding that incorporates the beach's ambiance by getting married close to it.

If you're having a beach wedding, there are several ideas to pursue for a fun reception. Lots of couples go for the candlelight celebration at sunset. If you have these in your plans, remember to either use electric candles or candle holders that will shelter the flame. Adding paper lanterns and silk wisteria can create a soft romantic touch to any venue indoors or out.

Most beach weddings are outdoor weddings. The receptions tend to go the same way too. Rather than retire to a ballroom, couples prefer to continue in the outdoors under the open sky, a large tent or choose a dock- terrace venue. The key to a great beach wedding reception is planning. You should make sure that you have your plan B covered as you would for a regular outdoor wedding. The following whimsical beach wedding reception ideas would help make your beach wedding reception a fun and memorable one.

· Go for Relaxed Fashion

Adding a comfy spot with outdoor lights will be a popular spot to hang out for your quest. The more relaxed the fashion at your wedding will be, the more ready your guests will be to having fun. Wedding guests can come looking to relax, hire a band to play fun beach music. Also, please encourage your guests to come prepared to take off their shoes. You can provide flip flops in bulk for those who prefer some foot covering. A wedding reception on the beach where your guests can dig their toes in the sand and relax will definitely be more fun.

· Go for Fun and Relaxing Décor

The décor for your beach wedding can be very different from the décor for a formal ballroom reception. You can connect 5" beach balls to balloons filled with helium via a fishing line and leave them scattered around the area. You can also fill colorful sand pails with sand and put tea lights on them. Paper Parasols & Umbrellas can also create a casual and relaxed addition to any sunny area. And speaking of sunny, bulk sunglasses in a basket are a great addition for your guest to help themselves.

A Creative Place Setting

Your place cards could be seashells, starfish or sanddollars. A mini seashell frame, a beach chair. The best part, these can go home with your guests as their wedding favor.

· A Lovely Centerpiece

How about using fishbowls for your centerpiece? You don't have to put fish in them, and don't worry; we won't ask you to gift your guests fish too lol. You can have them filled with natural or colored sand bulk seashells, seaglass then place various size candles down into the bowl. You can also scatter sand and shells at the base of this centerpiece for more beauty.

· More Décor Details

Surfboards, fishnets, and beach chairs are some more details you can include in your décor. They'd add more beach ambiance to your wedding reception. You can put the surfboard and chair in strategic places. The fishnet can be draped across the back of the chairs at your reception. A tip, for a friends wedding, we made a visit to the local commercial fishing docks after just 2 inquiries we were loading up more used/damage fishing nets than our SUV could hold. After some effort we were able to salvage enough pieces to do everything we wanted for decorating her outdoor reception. Add a Bonsai Tree for under 30$. Other items that you can use for your décor, too, are pieces of driftwood. You can use large pieces of driftwood as seats if you're having your reception on the beach. Place the wood around a small fire, and your guests can relax on them for a bit between dances. You can also place them around the reception area as décor in a none beach reception.

· Entertainment

For a fun beach wedding reception, you'll have to go beyond your usual wedding entertainment. Alongside a band or DJ, you can hire hula dancers. A local steel drum band would be a great add, but if you only have a budget then simply stream your music in with an MP3 and my all time fav....Steel Drum Island Collection Vol 1 featuring Hot Hot Hot, Red Red Wine.. Your guests would be delighted to join in too. You can also include a magician or a caricature artist. They'll keep your guests entertained. For the kids, you can have a limbo stick for them to play with. Games are a great way to keep kids entertained during weddings. They can have fun taking turns in seeing how low they can go.

· Your Beach Wedding Menu

The best menu to go for is one that coordinates with your outdoor waterfront setting. Ensure that your caterer is experienced, too, especially if you are having your reception on the beach itself. Add a touch more beach with large acrylic or plastic seashell serving bowls You can have a cake that is decorated in sugar that looks like sand. Add some candy seashells as decoration, and you'll have the perfect beach wedding cake.

When it comes to your beach wedding's success, let us help you achieve it here at Sandy Toes Wedding and Events. Why not reach out to us for further information? Contact us today!

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