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7 Tips for A Beach Wedding

If you've always wanted to have a beach wedding, we're right with you. Having a wedding on the beach is a dream come true for so many couples, and it's a trend that seems to be taking over the century. And why wouldn't it? From the waves' sound to the romantic atmosphere, gorgeous water backdrop, and casual fashion, a beach wedding can be stunning. That's why we thought we should share some tips with you to help with your beach wedding planning. If you're ready to see them, then so are we. So, please grab a cup of tea, relax, and let's share seven tips for your perfect beach wedding.

· Decide on The Season

Here, we do not mean the weather, although it does play a part. Beach wedding locations may vary by geography, and with some beaches, it could be occupied year-round, but most beaches have a high season and a low season. The high season is when most people are on the beach, and it's usually because the weather is excellent, which could mean good for your wedding. The downside is that it could be more expensive and you may have to deal with a crowd. In the low season, the number of people on the beach reduces, and prices go down. This could mean good for your beach wedding budget, but the weather may not be ideal.

· You May Need Permits

Sneaking around on the most important day of your relationship does not sound too attractive to us. It probably doesn't to you also. Remember to check with the necessary authorities on the regulations and rules that they have regarding events and gatherings at the beach you've chosen. Sometimes, if you're having just a small affair, you could be allowed to go ahead with a permit as long as you give them a heads up first. Where this does not apply to you, please try to get a permit for your wedding far in advance.

· Decide on How Your Wedding Will Go

Do you intend to have just your ceremony on the beach or will your reception take place there too? Figuring this out on time will help you know what kind of permit to ask for and when to time your ceremony. Permits and ordinances differ depending on whether food and drinks will be involved and whether you'll be sectioning off a part of the beach.

· The Acoustics at Your Beach Wedding

You've been to the beach a couple of times, and you love it. That's why you want to have your wedding there. But have you ever thought about how loud the waves can be? Beach wedding venues also do not necessarily come along with power outlets, so how will your guests hear you and your officiant? If you're having a small event, you may not need external help, and all you'll have to do is practice speaking loudly, especially if there's a light breeze blowing. Where you intend to have more than a few guests, however, you may need some sort of portable power supply and speakers. You could ask the rental company for white ones to go with your beach wedding aesthetics or mask them with white so that they do not stick out like a sore thumb at your event.

· The Tides and The Waves

You can't play with the tide at your beach wedding. Depending on the hour of your event, you could suddenly find yourself somewhere in the ocean. Okay, we're just kidding, and we hope that doesn't happen, but please be sure you pick a time where the tide will stay put. We don't want to have you and your guests washed out to sea. Think about your lovely designer dress!

· Your Beach Wedding Fashion

From formal elegant to Island casual, the choice is yours. And speaking of your designer dress, know that unless you splurge for a huge tent and snap down flooring your dress with get sandy and maybe even moist. A light color palette would be best considering the aesthetic, and cotton clothes are great too. Ladies can go for light flowing fabrics, and your wedding dress should lightly touch the ground while you're barefoot. Long trains are a serious no-no for beach weddings. Your bridesmaids can wear dresses that stop just below their knees to distinguish them from you.

· A Short Ceremony Is Best

Even with traditional weddings at other locations, a long ceremony is pushing it. For your beach wedding, nobody wants to be in a long and drawn-out ceremony under the sun. Hydration is also essential, so be sure to provide cocktails and cold water as a comfort. You can hold off the alcohol until after the ceremony. Whatever you do, please remember to enjoy the process of planning your wedding and take time out to have fun on that day too. Best of luck creating this memorable experience for you and your guests!!!, we're right with you.

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