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Fedoras for Him and for Her, a fun addition for a beach wedding

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Choosing a hat for a beach wedding may be a little confusing for you but nothing screams warm tropical sultry romance as much as the classic Panama Fedora style hats. Perfect for the groom to give some relief of the sun without the need of sunglasses and it can add a perfect finishing touch to your wedding dress at that exotic location of the beach. Let's explore!

1. Original Panama hat Classic Fedora- WHITE:

Want a lightweight yet flexible hat for him for a beach theme wedding? Here is the perfect choice for you, i.e. Classic Fedora.


Lightweight like a Breeze:

Wedding outfits can be more substantial for both men and women! Therefore, to compensate for the effect, a lightweight beach hat will be a perfect finishing touch to that. This Panama Classic Fedora weighs only 80 grams. One of the prime reasons for its lightweight ability is that it has been finished through the toquilla palm fronds.

Straw Hats- Perfect for Beach Weddings:

These hats are a perfect value addition to your beach themed wedding. The reason why we're saying this is its utmost quality and extraordinary comfort that it provides. This Panama Fedora hat finishes through a 100% Toquilla Straw Carludovica Palmata. It depicts a perfect deposition of artisan and craftsmanship. That's why the customer has been satisfied with their services since 1983.

High Build Quality:

This Classic Fedora is 100% hand-made with 90 points per square inch of weave count and hand-woven in Ecuador. It'll not only save you from the sun's UV rays but a sign of perfect style statement.

  • Perfect for beach wedding themes

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • Classic design

  • 100% Hand-made

2. Original Panama hat Classic Fedora -NATURAL:

Have a natural look with this cool coloured and a minimalistic design hat at the beach themed wedding!


Flexible and Soft Feel:

You can feel lighter and enjoy the summer wedding at the beach with this Original Panama Fedora Hat with all its supple and soft feel. Made carefully through the Toquilla Palm Fronds, this Classic Fedora brings in the utmost comfort and gives a high shade from the sun with its 6.36 cm brim length.

Matches with Every Outfit:

There are no defects but features that will underline the quality of this hat! It has a Natural Color with a black ring on its crown that matches with your every outfit, especially the beach wedding theme ones. Hometowns in Ecuador have made these Classic Fedora hats with their ultimate talent with a 90-points per sq. Inches of weave count to feature a design that suits all!

Hand-Made with Perfection:

This Straw Hat is designed with perfection in Ecuador by Ecua-Andino. The artisans from Ecuador bring in simple design and perfection both in a single product.

  • Durable Toquilla Straw Material

  • Straw Hat design

  • Black ring for a perfect look

  • Suitable for him and her

3. Original Panama hat Short Brim-Unisex Style Fedora:


Short Brim Unisex Style:

Summer season is here, and so are the weddings! Beach themed weddings are getting common day by day due to the relaxed atmosphere and a refreshing feel. Here, comes the Short Brim Fedora Style. This hat represents a corner folded design that suits every outfit!

Black Contrast Outline:

The whole hat is finished through the black contrast outline that gives a perfect look with every colour dress. No matter whether you're attending a wedding or want to enjoy a beach trip with your fellows, keep your hands on this white-coloured hat to keep shades.

Durable and Comfy:

Enjoying vacations on the beach requires you to feel light and free! Keep this lightweight and softer hat on your head to avoid the harmful UV rays and have a sweat-free experience. When it comes to durability, no one wants to have a lid that will last only one season.

Ecua-Andino takes care of their user's investments and provides a straw hat design finished through the carefully collected 100% Toquilla Straws.

  • A black outline gives a neat feel

  • Shorter brim length

  • Unisex design

Comparison Chart:

Products Material Brim Length Crown Height Weave Count

1. Original Panama hat Classic Fedora- WHITE Toquilla Straw - Carludovica Palmata5.75 – 6.35 cm11 – 11.75 cm90 points per square inch

2. Original Panama hat Classic Fedora -NATURAL Toquilla Straw - Carludovica Palmata5.75 – 6.35 cm11 – 11.75 cm90 points per square inch

3. Original Panama hat Short Brim-Unisex Style Fedora 100% Toquilla Straw3.5cm – 4cm10cm – 11cm90 points per square inch

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Q. What is the grade for these Panama- Fedora Hats?

A. We represent quality in terms of points per sq. Inches. All these Panama- Fedora Hats are 90 sq. Per inches.

Q. Can you wear these hats for a beach wedding theme?

A. Absolutely, Yes! These hats are perfect for wedding themes, especially the beach ones. The simplistic look with the black rings suits every outfit!

Q. How will you get the right fit?

A. Measure the head with a piece of string from 1cm above the ears. Then, use a ruler to find out the exact circumference of your head.


Beach wedding themes give you a memorable experience not just as a guest but as a wedding couple too. Apart from the outfits, the most common thing to look for such theme weddings is a hat! Here we have mentioned the best Panama - Fedora Hats for him Beach themed wedding site to give you the right deal.

This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. More details please full privacy policy here.

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