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Guide to Your Destination Beach Wedding

For your destination, Beach Wedding, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Beach weddings give you a chance at total creative freedom, and depending on the time of day, the beach sets a different mood. You can go to another state with a great beach here in the US or hold your destination beach wedding in the Caribbean, Mexico and so on. One thing that will be constant is that your wedding will be romantic. Beach weddings are always serene and romantic. Are you planning to have a destination beach wedding? Well, we’re experts at those here at Sandy Toes Bride- Weddings and Honeymoon. Here are some useful tips to get you started.


Why People Have A Destination Beach Wedding?

Well, for starters, beach weddings are unique, memorable and fun. If you have a destination beach wedding, it can be a great way to combine your wedding with vacation time for your family and friends. This is also a great idea if you’re a beach loving couple as you’re guaranteed a wonderful and fulfilling wedding.


How to Choose A Destination?

The best way is usually to talk to your partner and decide. That way you can factor in what you’ve both always dreamed of for your beach wedding and places that you’d want to see. With this pandemic, however, you’d also have to factor in what places will be open to travel for your wedding date. If you need some expert advice, reach out to us. I’d be very glad to help.


When in The Day to Have Your Beach Wedding

If you’re having a beach wedding, two important factors to consider are the weather and the crowd. The weather in a way also affects the crowd because more people go to the beach if it’s hot. You can find a beach venue with private access to the beach to solve this. Weekdays are also great for avoiding beach crowds, or you can plan your ceremony for sunrise.


Your Beach Ceremony Essentials

If you’re having a beach wedding in the summer, the first thing to get sorted out is hydration. The following essentials are also important and should be a part of the welcome table at your destination beach wedding.

Sunscreen, bug sprays and beach blankets.

Lemonade or Ice water for refreshment.

A basket for shoes if you and your guests want to go barefoot for your ceremony.

And finally, baby powder. It’s great for getting sand off feet for after your ceremony.

What to wear to a beach wedding

The dress code for your beach wedding will be more relaxed than that of a traditional wedding. Beach weddings are not the places for ball gowns with dramatic trains or the full formal groom attire with a tailcoat and bow tie (We don’t want to go from the ceremony to the ER). Light fabrics should be the order of the day at your event and do your best to avoid heels.

· Your Destination Beach Wedding Reception

Most couples have their wedding ceremony on the beach and then go somewhere else for the reception. You can also have both your ceremony and your reception at the beach. It often makes for a fun time.


Your Destination Beach Wedding Menu

Since you’re having a beach wedding, elements of sea food should find some way into your wedding food. If you’re at a tropical location, you might also want to include their local cuisines. They’ll be fresh and exciting for your guests to try out. This is also sure to make your wedding more memorable. Your guests will always remember that your wedding is the first time they tasted… You should however try as much as possible to have familiar comfort food around too.


Always Have A Backup Plan

Beach weddings are a kind of outdoor wedding. The number one rule with an outdoor wedding is that a backup plan is important. Sometimes, despite all your planning and monitoring, the weather could be uncooperative. A Plan B will ensure that you still have a beautiful wedding day despite the weather.

Have you decided that you want a beach destination wedding? Why not allow us here at Sandy Toes Bride- Weddings and Honeymoons connect you with the right businesses and tips to help with the entire wedding process? Contact us today! or Follow Us on Facebook

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