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Wedding Day in an RV then off to your Honeymoon- Freedom and Adventure your way.

So what does an RV have to do with a wedding?? If you are lucky enough to have a location that you can drive an RV onto the beach or very close to it, would that not be the perfect bridal ready room. AC and no traveling to your ceremony destination.

and after the reception, just jump in and keep heading down the road for your honeymoon.

RV Honeymoons are becoming more popular and sounds like fun... but you do not have access to an RV? Renting an RV is also on the rise. Travel to your destination in comfort with a drivable RV

No need to select just one destination jump from a beautiful beach to inland mountain lake then back to the beach again. You will love the freedom of renting a driveable RV.

Some RVs are the oversized vans (Class B) and super easy to drive for the rv first timers while others are mansions on wheels (Class A). Select what suits you best.

Other clever ideas for using an RV Photo Booths, Bars or staging for moderate diy catering or simply a place to get away from it all for a few minutes. Other types of pull behind rigs are also available to rent where the owners will drop off and pick up for you. You should be aware some locations may require a permit for overnight parking.

See what it is all about and check out details and rigs available at Rent an RV on RVshare!

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